Our Meats

Beef Products

All our beef comes from our suppliers (John Penny & Sons Rawdon or Richards of Howden) in carcass form and is prepared onsite but we also keep stocks of Scottish sirloin steak from Millers of Speyside.

We aim to age all our beef for a minimum of three weeks and all our meat can be cut to our customers’ exact requirements and comes either plastic wrapped or vac-packed.

All our beef is heifer meat as to assure tenderness and is from animals under 30 months – we respect and trust our suppliers so much that they hand pick our carcasses for us.

Pork Products

We stock Gilt Pork which is hand-picked by Richard of Howden and we also supply pedigree, locally-reared Gloucester Old Spot direct from a local farm when available.

All pigs are cut by us onsite and can be cut to the customers’ requirements.

Options include:

  • Pork Legs Boneless Rolled
  • Shoulder Boneless Rolled
  • Pork Loins Skinless/Boneless
  • Traditional Loin Chops (skin on)
  • Belly/Spare Ribs Thick End
  • Cubed Pork
  • Minced Pork
  • Offals

We use only selected cuts of free range pork to make our range of homemade sausages.

Our Lincolnshire sausage is much sort after and has made it into the Guardian newspaper’s “Sausage Directory”. We have now developed a low-fat range that has undergone testing and has been approved at only 2% fat. Currently meeting this standard are our Pork, Tomato and Basil sausages, our Lincolnshire Low-fat sausages and our Pork & Leek sausages.

Lamb Products

We stock carcass lamb that is prepared on site. We use either Suffolks or Texels and also buy direct from local smallholders around the Winterton area who rear rare breeds such as the Kerry.

We offer all the prime cuts but also have a great selection of thrifty cuts as well such as the rolled breasts or necks for a navarin of lamb, and offals for dishes such as pan fried lambs liver with cream and garlic – one of the most delicious and quick meals you could imagine … why not try it!


Our poultry is supplied locally via Peckmill Poultry of Market Rasen, and we carry weekly stocks of the following:

  • Fresh chicken fillets
  • Whole birds in various sizes
  • Chicken fronts (double breasts with legs removed)
  • Gressingham duck breasts

Bacon and Gammons

This is another area in which we differ from most in that we only stock free range bacon and gammons that have being dried cured. This means you get none of that horrid scum when you fry it!

We have plain Shortback, Oak-smoked Back and Applewood-smoked Back, all of which are supplied by Anna’s Happy Trotters. We have also now mastered the art of dry curing our own pork back which we make into plain bacon or the hugely popular sweet cure where we add dark brown muscovado sugar to the curing process, resulting in a sublime rasher where the fat is sweet to the taste – the ultimate bacon sandwich!


In addition we also carry stocks of locally-sourced game which is fresh in season and frozen out of season including:

  • Venison
  • Pheasants
  • Partridges
  • Rabbits

Cooked Meats & Deli

We our proud of our Deli section as we feel there is something for everyone and for every occasion.

We have now added a selection of olives, balsamic onions, stuffed peppers and other items which have all been selected for us by Olives Et Al. Now you don’t just have to have them on holiday!

We have a great selection of dipping oils as well as marinades for those great al fresco dining nights (when we get the weather!) .

On top of all this we have a range of beautiful roasted meats for sandwiches or salads:

  • Ham
  • Topside Beef
  • Leg Pork
  • Tongue
  • Turkey
  • Also haslets and Lincolnshire stuffed chine (not for the faint hearted!)


Meat Preparation Videos

We use the traditional boning skills and techniques demonstrated in the following videos to breakdown our fresh meat carcasses.

All of the products shown in the videos can be purchased directly, or ordered, from us.

How to butcher a pig

How to butcher a Muntjac deer

How to butcher a lamb

How to butcher a cow

How to joint a chicken and prepare Chicken Chasseur

How to cook and prepare Ox Cheek, Beef Cheek and a Pulled Beef Sandwich

How to cook the perfect steak

How to cook slow-roasted belly pork

These videos are used with the kind permission of Scott Rea at TheScottReaProject.

Please click here to visit his YouTube Channel and here to visit his Facebook page.

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