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Christmas Turkeys
Christmas Turkeys
Christmas Turkeys
More About Copas Turkeys

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Virtual Farm Tour How To Prepare Your Turkey How To Carve Your Turkey

The Copas family have been producing luxury turkeys in Cookham, Berkshire every year since 1957, when Tom Copas left school and raised his first flock for Christmas. Nowadays, Tom's three daughters and son continue the family tradition, raising turkeys with the same care and artisan method that their father did. Their turkeys have been acclaimed by TV celebrity chefs and discerning foodies alike; the Hairy Bikers called them "fantastic"; Tom Parker-Bowles called the Copas turkey "a king amongst turkeys"; the Daily Mail reported them as "seriously pampered"; and Lydia Slater has said they are "super and flavoursome".

In the past, Rick Stein has listed the Copas family as one of his food heroes, Farmers Weekly have named them Poultry Producer of the Year, and their turkeys were shortlisted in the Daily Telegraph Best UK Food Awards.

Why Special?
Maintaining the highest welfare standards, the Copas family still use centuries old production methods such as raising slow-growing breeds to full maturity, plucking by hand and game hanging to guarantee a deliciously dense yet succulent meat with a full traditional flavour.

Traditional Production Methods
All Copas turkeys are naturally slow growing breeds sourced from British hatcheries. Copas turkeys are raised on a high quality cereal-based diet, rich in oats and free from growth promoters. Fully matured turkeys have the benefit of a deliciously dense meat along with a natural fat layer under the skin which helps retain moisture whilst cooking - succulence without the need for basting! In December, turkeys are dry-plucked by hand and hung like a game bird for two weeks in the old fashioned way. This enables the rich traditional flavours to develop fully, ensuring the finest taste and texture for Christmas Day.

Each Copas turkey comes in its own carry-home box, complete with everything required both the turkey (cooking instructions and a handy pop-up cooking timer) and the gravy (giblets, fresh rosemary and a traditional recipe) perfectly.